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Jodi was recommended to us by a close friend and we couldn't be happier.

As first time buyers, there was a lot to learn and it took us a while to find the right house but Jodi never gave up on us. She educated us and setup an awesome team to ensure that we find what we want and close smoothly. She also follows up on feedback to do even better and continues to provide pointers to help settle in. She respects the human factor involved in it and found a way to work with our timeline. Without a doubt, I will highly recommend her and the team she setup. Thank you Jodi Long for making our dream come true.

Dhawal Parkar

Working with Jodi Long was a pleasure for our family.

She successfully navigated us through a very stressful time with great care and consideration. Jodi's attentiveness to the details of our wish list resulted in her finding us the home of our dreams. She then sold our current home while also negotiating a fair deal on the purchase of our dream home. She somehow made the entire process feel quite manageable and relatively low stress. Jodi is confident, knowledgable, efficient and diligent. Despite several setbacks in our process, Jodi was able to calmly and masterfully guide us through each challenge to ultimately reach our goal. Her expertise is admirable and her dedication to making the process a positive one is unique in this industry. Jodi's upbeat personality and friendliness added a measure of fun to a generally arduous process. Overall, it is obvious that Jodi truly cares about her clients, as she is genuinely committed to bringing forth an outcome that is successful and pleasing for all. We highly recommend Jodi and would happily use her services again.

Amy Madsen

Jodi was great to work with and helped us win 2 bids.

The first turned into a nightmare during the inspection, but we were able to walk away with our earnest money thanks to Jodi's diligent efforts. We ended up closing on our dream house in a super competitive market for a price we liked. Jodi was key to our winning the 2 bids that we did. She had a great feel for the neighborhoods and the pricing that would help us win in multi-bid situations.

Past buyer

Jodi was very fast and efficient at everything, gave good advice, went out of her way to fulfill our requests, and always let us make the decisions without any pressure.

We relied on her to check out several properties while we were out of town, which she did without hesitation. She also performed research on several properties and drew up several offers, with extremely fast turnarounds. We ended up purchasing the third property we made an offer on. Overall a very professional and smooth experience.

Micheal Lin

Jodi was fantastic- so knowledgeable and tenacious.

She advocated for us from the start. She also knows the area and goes the extra mile to help her clients. Highly recommend her to help you find/sell a home.


Jodi is amazing!

She is very knowledgable, positive and a great negotiator! We would definitely use her again!

Past Client

Working with Jodi was a pleasure!

She kept in touch with us for months while we were passively looking. Then the perfect house popped up quickly and she got in touch with the listing agent. She helped us generate a competitive offer and get it submitted within less than one day! She was responsive over the weekend and went the extra mile to ensure we got the house we wanted. After our offer was accepted, she went to the house during the inspection and sewer scope (while we were at work) to ensure things went smoothly. She had a list of preferred providers she has worked with for years and referred us to a great home inspection company. We were very pleased with Jodi and would highly recommend her!

Scott Mertens

I was referred to Jodi by a coworker in the Seattle real estate office I work.

My husband and I were looking to get an investment property in Spokane and wanted to work with someone locally. Jodi was perfect. We were in town for the weekend moving our son into Gonzaga and she quickly got us in to look at the home we were interested in. By that evening we made an offer. We had to compete to get the house and we were still able to do an inspection (her local connections helped us immensely), and negotiate a price well under list! She was knowledgable, professional, responsive, and just a lovely human. We will refer her to any of our friends and Seattle clients looking to buy or sell in the Spokane market.

Tina Shepard

My wife and I found Jodi through a random open house we went to and we new pretty much instantly that we wanted to work with her.

Jodi was such a joy to work with. Super easy to communicate with over text or over the phone and responded quickly to all of our questions as first time home buyers. She really made the process so much less scary and daunting than we thought it was going to be. Her knowledge of the process and the local area was very helpful. When we told her we had a house in mind during one of our first visits over coffee with her, she jumped on it instantly and started doing what she does best. I was very impressed with how quickly Jodi worked on things and got back to us with updates. I will be absolutely recommending Jodi to family and friends in need of an agent.

Sam Nixon

I was so happy to work with Jodi (July-August 2021), helping me to sell my house in South Seattle.

This is the second time working with her, because she assisted me in October 2014 to buy a new home in Seattle. As we say in French "We do not change a winning team". She is very professional with a great expertise. She knows very well her job with excellent human relationships helping you to find the best solution. She is very responsive, leading the selling process and coordinating with the different entities involved and finally making life easy for us who are not very familiar with the home selling process in a short time from the beginning to the end. My wife and I were very happy and we would like to highly recommend Jodi to anyone who wants to sell their home. She is the BEST. Thank you Jodi for everything. Wishing all the best.

Papa Solif

I was a first-time home buyer and really didn't have much knowledge of how the process worked, how to deal with sellers/other agents, etc.

Jodi was phenomenal in making sure that I was 100% clear on each step and clearly had my best interests in mind. She was also very patient with me as she understood that this was a huge decision for me, and I wanted to make sure all my bases were covered. When the first offer I placed was rejected, she took action and started pulling homes for me right away so that I was never discouraged.I never would have found my home if Jodi hadn't been involved, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Ashley Russell

I didn't know Jodi from before buying my home, which by the way is my first one.

Jodi was super patience with all my questions and constant change of searches. I loved that she adjusted to my schedule and that she responds every email and text very quickly. Once we started closing the deal on a home, she was on top of everything! I couldn't have gone through the whole process without her expertise and advice, she made the process as simple as possible for me, and I really felt she was seeking the best outcome for me. She is not only polite, she is super fun to talk to, and does everything to make you feel appreciated. I will totally reach out to her again when I want to buy another property.

Priscilla Angulo

odi was amazing to work with!

She is so kind and compassionate, and genuinely cares about her clients and their individual needs. She notices the details you may miss to ensure you find the home that is truly best for your family. I was incredibly impressed with her eye for detail, her responsiveness, and with how skillfully and confidently she navigated some unique and complex aspects of our move. Our long distance house hunt had me so nervous and also really limited our availability to view homes, but she worked the entire day taking us to view homes to ensure we found what we were looking for in our short window that we were visiting. She went out of her way to support us through the entire process, from start to finish.

Jessa Hokama

When I was going to be relocating to the Seattle area, I answered a web page to get some information about the Bellevue area.

When Jodi called, it was like my wife and I had found the right person. She listened to what we wanted; set up some showings based on our desires not just what was for sale; and worked with us through the whole process. Within 1 week we had made a offer on a condo. There was no pressure, only a professional working for what is best for us. Whether you are buying or selling, I highly recommend Jodi as a Real Estate Professional.

Past Client

I was referred to Jodi by another realtor in the Kirkland area for me to look for a home for my parents who just had a change in health status.

I needed a home that was ADA-friendly, nice location, and modest in size. Jodi was awesome at finding properties to look at. It only took a couple of days and we were looking at houses, first house we looked at is the one we eventually purchased. I can't thank her enough for being reactive, knowledgeable in the area, and overall helpful in the guidance of the purchase. I would highly recommend her if you have any real estate purchases. My wife, parents, and family are very grateful.

Mikel Page

My husband and I have been looking for homes for a while.

It's hard to find good homes in our area and when this one particular home came on the market we knew we had to act fast. We contacted Jodi and she immediately set up an appt. for us to see the home. There were three offers on the property. Jodi was very thorough in negotiating on our behalf and coming up with an offer that was competitive! We are first time home buyers AND we are buying a shortsale. She was great at informing us of the process to not only buy a home but how to buy a distressed property. We highly recommend Jodi as an agent

Whitney Bannish

Jodi was an amazing realtor.

Every step during the process Jodi kept us informed. Her knowledge, expertise and negotiation skills were incredible. Jodi was able to get us top dollar for our home.

Pam Marte

Jodi is amazing!

This was our 3rd time selling/buying a home and Jodi was by far the best realtor we have worked with. As we started the process of prepping our house for the market Jodi was very realistic about things and gave us great advice. Jodi has a background in multiple areas and has a great eye for staging. She has professional pictures of the house taken that are outstanding! Her expertise and negotiating skills helped us navigate the waters of reviewing offers, inspections, and all the other little things that go along with selling a home. The result was tremendous: we sold our home in ONE day and were able to choose from 6 offers ALL over list price! Very unexpected and amazing. I believe Jodi's ability to market our home and present it in its best light was a major factor in this. Hire Jodi as your realtor, you won't be disappointed!

Brian and Stacia

It was great working with Jodi.

She was very professionally and helpful. Jodi helped walk us through the whole process. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to buy a house or sell one.


In 2014 we used Jodi for three transactions.

Two sales and one purchase. We selected Jodi after interviewing several brokers and we could not have made a better selection. Buying and selling real estate can be emotional, frustrating and often overwhelming. Jodi's upbeat personality and experience with the process made this a good experience for our family. She is responsive to requests and is always willing to do what it takes to do what is best for her clients.

Past buyer and seller

Because interest rates have gone up so far and fast.

We needed to be more aggressive in marketing my home. She had it staged beautifully, and put together ideas that sold my house. For example: my driveway was next to the neighbors and visually was confusing. So, because of the height restriction for fences, she suggested ferns. That solved the problem and sold the house. And she was a pleasure to work with.

Laird Laabs

Jodi is hands down the best realtor!

Her knowledge and expertise is so valuable. I have no doubt she is the reason we were able to get a house in this competitive market. She knew exactly the best way to present an offer so we were able to get a home without over paying. My family is so grateful for Jodi. I appreciate her professionalism, but most of all she is so personable and cares for her clients. Buying a home is such an emotional process and she was there right beside us through every aspect.

Lara Brown-Unger

Working with Jodi was a pleasure.

Our home buying process was unique in many circumstances. First, we didn't know exactly what we wanted and were open to a lot of solutions (3-4 bdr, townhome/house/condo, etc.). Secondly, we are extremely picky when it comes to homes and had to work within our budget and with a specific financial product. Lastly, COVID made all showings circumstances where Jodi had to schedule in advance and accompany us to the property each time requiring a lot of investment in her time. In addition to being helpful, patient and very responsive, Jodi actually cared about working with us to make sure that we found our dream home even though that made our home buying process take almost a year. Once we found the home we wanted, Jodi did all in her power to get us the house and helped us present an offer we were comfortable with and that would also position our offer as a contender in this competitive greater Seattle market. After 10 months of searching, Jodi is the only reason we were chosen with the winning offer against 9 other offers (some with a higher price/escalator). If you want to work with the best in the business, we would highly recommend Jodi!

David Erbe

This was our first ever home purchase and we are very glad Jodi was here to help us.

She was very patient in explaining the process to us and helping us keep our cool during the stressful steps that come with buying a property. She was prompt to reply and showed exceptional reliability. Jodi went above and beyond to make sure that we would end up in our new home, and we will always be grateful for all the efforts she has done. She's the best.


Jodi helped us find an affordable home in Redmond that was beyond anything we could have imagined.

She was so smart in understanding the timing of our offer, etc, I would trust her with another home purchases - I would not even consider another broker

Past Buyer

Working with Jodi was a phenomenal experience.

The very first time we met, she had a folder of information that pertained to our area's sales figures, focused on houses similar to ours. She went over our house's strength's and weaknesses for the current market, and came up with a plan that she said would make it sell quickly and for the best price. She was right. We did everything she told us to do, and the house sold so fast I still can't believe it. Some of the things she recommended we do, the new buyers said made a big difference.She also helped us find a new place that we absolutely love. I recommend her highly!

Past Client

It was such a pleasure to work with Jodi.

She is personable, driven, extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about finding the perfect home for her clients. She gave us the push we needed when it was necessary but also knew when it was appropriate to hang back a bit, depending on our needs and circumstances. Our family's situation changed and we are now relocating out of state, but through it all she has been extremely understanding and flexible, regardless of what life (and the pandemic) has thrown at us! She is a delight to be around and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the greater Seattle area!

Past Relo Client

My family was contemplating a move to the Seattle area.

I started the process by looking for homes on Zillow. In my search I found a home I was interested in. I called the first agent listed and it went to voicemail. The second agent listed was Jodi Long. I called and we connected. In just a few minutes she assessed my needs and starting working on my behalf. Jodi continually updated me on properties until I could take a trip to Seattle. Once arriving in Seattle within 24 hours we found the perfect home for our family. Jodi was efficient, knowledgeable and always available. Not only were we able to find a home we found a new friend in Jodi Long. If you are looking to sell or buy a home Jodi will perform at the highest level. I highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs.

Past Buyer

Jodi was fantastic through the entire process.

She responded quickly to everything and was very knowledgeable about every phase from beginning to end. We had a couple of bumps along the way but she helped us through them with no problem and got us our new house! Could not be happier!

Michael Drake

Jodi Long is a phenomenal realtor broker!

We engaged her to sell a Bellevue property for an elderly family member where timing was critical. Her skill at staging the home and preparing it for market far exceeded all expectations. Jodi's depth of knowledge of her industry and its various pitfalls greatly aided us in making the best possible choices. The property sold within a week of its showing and for an amount much larger than expected. I strongly recommend Jodi Long. She has wide range expertise in the field and boundless energy and enthusiasm

Fred Fisher

Jodi is the best.

She helped us find our home and we loved every day in it. 2 years and a pandemic later, we decided to move closer to our family in another state. Jodi helped us sell 2 of our properties. I worked with other agents in the area and I can certainly say that Jodi is one of the best, if not the best, agent in the area.

Tiago Sommer

Jodi helped me with the purchase of my condo a few months back.

She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Her experience and expertise helped me navigate through the various stages of buying and closing on the property. It was a great experience working with her and would definitely recommend her services.

Past Buyer

I've had the pleasure of working with Jodi on more then one occasion.

She has helped not only me on my personal real estate search, but has also helped my family and clients with whom I have referred her to. She has been incredibly professional to work with and has done an amazing job! She is very resourceful at getting what the client needs and wants and her negotiation skills are well above bar! I would recommend her to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell a home. You will not be disapointed with her personable approach, her get it done attitude, and the end results! She simply is the best I've seen!Sincerely, A very satisfied client!

Past client

We recently purchased a home in Bellevue and was pleasantly surprised on how easy Jodi made it for us.

She was on top of everything with ready information on the steps to follow, connected me to the right contact for mortgage pre-approval, ensured the offer was priced right and timely enough to be selected, and worked tirelessly, even after normal office hours, to make it happen. I would give a rating of >5 to her in local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, negotiation skills. She surely exceeded our expectation and we were lucky to have her as our primary contact during the entire process. She was one of the key persons to ensure we had a successful closure. I would surely recommend her to anybody who is in the process of buying a home.

Nitin More

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